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Is it acceptable to use Stack Overflow, banging in question after question?

In the past I have used a variety of methods of recording my progress and keeping track of things I've learnt, including some of the following:

  • Paper-based journal
  • Emails
  • Test programs
  • Memory

Finally I have come to the conclusion that :

  • using Stack Overflow as a 'jotter' might be a good use of the site. Asking questions I cannot readily think of the answer to, and then coming back to either provide the solution I used, or to get pointers in other directions.

I previously asked a question on Stock Overflow as I worked on someting for a couple of hours and then I came back to see what suggestions had been made , and also to provide my own answer.

Is this an acceptable use of Stack Overflow? Banging in questions as I think of them, and then coming back to provide an answer an hour or maybe days later when I've worked through it? Maybe coming back in the meantime to see what answers I'm getting, maybe providing me with new directions to try.

EDIT: I know I asked the question on SO, but posted it on there to ask about methodologies that programmers like to use, and on here, as to whether using SO in 'jotter' kind of way is acceptable.

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I think this is OK as long as the resulting questions conform to the SO guidelines.

There are two things that irk me, though.


Banging in questions as I think of them, and then coming back to provide an answer an hour, few hours, or maybe days later whn I've worked through it.

This sounds like you will only come back to the question when you know the answer. And that implies that you will not check for new answers and comments on your question.


Please don't post your questions to several sites like you did with this one and that one.

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1. I DID mention that I would be coming back during my own explorations to look for ways that people suggest in the answers and comments. ie, having multiple brains working on the same solution, rather than banging my head on a brick wall THEN posting a question on SO. 2. I did edit the question slightly. The one on SO was focused more on the methodologies that programmers like to use to record their thoughts and experiences, and on here, as whether using SO in the way I described here was an acceptable / useful way of using SO. – cometbill Oct 19 '09 at 11:26
Was focused more? It was the exact same question minus the first sentence. – innaM Oct 19 '09 at 11:27

If you are asking quality questions which can be answered and are not duplicates or breaking the site guidelines, then there is no rate limit at how fast you can ask questions (outside of the bot check using the Captcha).

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@TheTXI: what if he is a bot? Haven't you thought of that? – perbert Oct 19 '09 at 13:18
I'm a pain in the bot. hehe. – cometbill Oct 19 '09 at 17:09

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