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I find myself going to stackoverflow and wanting to see recent activity on my questions that I asked or things that I've answered, so the flow usually goes:

  1. Go to http://stackoverflow.com/
  2. Click username dougnukem
  3. Click the "recent" sorting option
  4. look at any recent changes

I'd like to create a bookmark that brings me to my user page and lets me view my recent activity and other people's activity on my questions/answers.

I tried going to the link that is associated with the sort button but it seems to be some weird non-styled result:

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A bit late, and meanwhile clicking the envelope to get to http://meta.stackoverflow.com/users/recent/ gives one better recent updates, but still: http://stackoverflow.com/users/98050/dougnukem?sort=recent

And since June, the Back button generates links like #qpage_1-apage_3-qsort_votes-asort_newest. Such links can be used to scroll right to the answers and set sorting.

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