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The Raindrop wiki on Mozilla tells developers:

Specific code questions can be asked via Stack Overflow. Use "raindrop" as a tag on the question.

What's the official (and your) stand on that? I wouldn't consider this blatant abuse (as e.g. in the riacowboy case), and it's also not such a definite "no" as in the tufts-comp40 case, but on the other hand SO probably doesn't want to become a developer mailing list replacement.

And questions specifically about rainbow code might become candidates for "too localized"---or would they?

What do you think?

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+1 For now the song is stuck running notes inside the head. – random Oct 25 '09 at 1:17

If they hadn't have told people to do that, what would people tag their questions with? raindrop, of course. They're just telling people who don't understand SO how they should ask their questions, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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My thoughts is that it is potentially a programming technology, and as long as people are asking genuine programming questions I'm content. I wouldn't want to see product support questions outside of programming.

So far there is only one example of a raindrop question, and it doesn't seem to be hugely programming related. I'm inclined to give the tag the benefit of the future doubt...

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I think there was another project that moved most of their "support" to StackOverflow, and I think Jeff and Joel mentioned it as a good thing on the podcast. I think it's a good thing to get people working on that project participating in SO because they'll have expertise on other things as well.

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