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I was wondering if just simply typing in a name in the edit box in the page to publish my CV is enough to reserve the public URL. I noticed the UI seemed to think this step was done as it updated the item with the green check mark, but I was wondering if I have to publish the CV in order to reserve the URL?

I think the URL is automatically reserved as soon as I typed it in, but I kept looking for a "Save" button or something, probably after being trained to do so by years of using crappy websites with low-usability. Am I correct in my assumption of your awesomeness?

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+1 for "Am I correct in my assumption of your awesomeness?" :) – Jeff Atwood Oct 28 '09 at 15:23
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The URL is reserved as soon as you get the green check mark. If you typed in a URL that someone else was using, you'd get a red X and a "name already exists" message:

alt text

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