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I just tried to pick a vanity url for my public CV, and I find that it auto-saves too quickly.

I wanted a vanity url like "john-doe". But if I don't type it fast enough, the auto-save of "john-" removes the trailing hyphen, so when I continue to type I end up with "johndoe".

Note: It is not the case that a hyphen is not allowed, because if I type quickly it accepts "john-doe" just fine. It just doesn't allow a trailing hyphen.

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You should type faster :) Or copy paste the text from an outside source. –  perbert Nov 15 '09 at 21:23

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I am not sure I agree with this request, as having the delay be too long is definitely worse (as in: your entry may not be saved at all) than having it be too short.

I increased it from 1000ms to 1500ms, but I'm not willing to increase it any further.

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