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I only recognized/found these:

  • Drive In, Drive Out (Dave Matthews Band)
  • Cinnamon (The Long Winters)
  • Crazy in Love by (Beyonce and Jay-Z)
  • A Little Less Conversation (Elvis Presley vs. JXL)
  • Throwing Stones (Grateful Dead)
  • Tangled Up in Blue (Indigo Girls?)
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the DMB song was badass. – George Stocker Oct 28 '09 at 19:59
DMB is one of my favorite bands. – Scott A. Lawrence Oct 28 '09 at 20:25

Joel's Entrance Music was Crazy in Love by Beyonce and Jay-Z

I think everybody else used A Little Less Conversation - Elvis Presley vs. JXL

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There was quite a few Vampire Weekend tunes before everything started.

During the lunch break, when the music took a turn, I remember the Grateful Dead's "throwing stones" and a cover (Indigo Girls?) of Dylan's "Tangled Up in Blue".

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Guess I'm a geezer, since I didn't recognize most of the stuff played, and some of what I had heard before I couldn't identify. However, I do recall that they played something by Peter Gabriel during lunch, but I don't remember which tune.

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