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Since 100-rep does not attract enough attention, I would like to increase the value of the bounty I've placed on my question, LaTeX equations in Ubuntu’s MediaWiki.

Can you increase the value of a bounty after setting it?

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Original version wasn't quite proposing a feature-request. Stocker's answer floats some. – random Oct 30 '09 at 2:17
@Random I've updated my answer to be both a feature request and an answer; I'm smooth like that. – George Stocker Oct 30 '09 at 2:28


To answer your question, no you can not change the bounty after offering it. Your options are to :

  • Keep modifying your question every day of the bounty with new things you've tried to keep it active
  • Allow it to run out; award the bounty and re-ask with new question

Also, I don't think your problem is solely the bounty you offered. You also offered it in a very much niche subject. However, the bounty system could use extension in cases like yours.

Feature Request

  • Allow asker increase the bounty after x days if they don't receive any new upvoted answers
  • Allow them to extend it for another 7 days for the same reason

Please treat these as separate feature requests.

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But at least one half of that is a dupe feature-request:… – random Oct 30 '09 at 2:32
@random: Thanks! I added that link. – George Stocker Oct 30 '09 at 2:47

This is effectively completed, because

  • bounty system is no longer tied to accepting an answer in any way
  • you can issue multiple bounties on your question if necessary
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