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I see a number of cases (won't mention names) where a person will answer a number of questions for the same person over and over to where I start to believe that someone is gaming the system. Could you make a Nepotism badge if someone answers let's say 10 questions for a single person? It would certainly not be a badge of honor, but it might discourage people from gaming the system for points.

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Then Jon Skeet would have a Nepotism badge for everyone who asked 10 questions about C#. I'm really not seeing the problem that you're trying to solve.

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No. Someone either games the system or he does not. If he does, we have other means to deal with that; if he doesn't, then any kind of badge with a negative connotation is not deserved.

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Badges are supposed to be there to promote good behaviour, not bad behaviour.

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Peer pressure isn't that good :) – Moayad Mardini Oct 30 '09 at 22:00
@Moayad: actually, it is: it rewards self-moderation, which is good. Helps keep the site clean... – Shog9 Oct 30 '09 at 23:01

Add it to the list: Additional Badge Ideas

Personaly, I don't think we need any more "bad behavior" badges, but that is IMHO.

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Could you make a Nepotism badge if someone answers let's say 10 questions for a single person?

Ok, you start off alleging abuse/gaming of the system, and then switch to charges of nepotism. Which is it? One person gaming the system, or one person taking extra time to answer questions from a family member? Because unless they're bad answers, i don't see how the latter is a problem...

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