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Why not merge reputation across SO, SF, and SU?

It seems you need a different account on all 4 of these sites, even though the openid can be the same. You also have independent rating systems.

Why not just have one location of names and reputation, rather than 4 separate ones. I am a programmer, but dabble in IT stuff at work(so just for work I use stackoveflow and serverfault). When I am home I am also a hobbyist and use superuser and now I am writing you and needed a 4th account.

I just feel one rating's system with a uniform user-base will add to consistency and ease of use for your users.

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You know, I searched and searched and searched. I could not find anyone else asking this question until I found this, but that was after I had posted pretty much the same question already. (Man, do I feel like a douche). <a href="meta.stackexchange.com/questions/28414/… Migration / Propagation Thoughout SO Community Sites</a>. –  Mark Tomlin Nov 3 '09 at 16:27

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The reason is that your expertise at being a developer does not equal your expertise as a sysadmin.

It's pretty simple, really - you're in a new community, so you have a new reputation.

It'd be like asking why do you have to make friends and network when you move from one city to another, even though you were well-known where you came from - it's because it's new.

though, fwiw, if you have a high-enough rep on one site, when you associate the other sites you do get a 100 rep bump.

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