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A question about an algorithm is conventionally tagged with 'Algorithm', but the academic field of study is generally known as 'Algorithms'.

It would be nice if I could write 'Algorithms' on my CV and have that be a pointer to my questions and answers for the tag 'Algorithm'.

(I don't know whether there are only a few cases like this and some kind of global mapping would cover 99% of everybody, or whether there should be a way to write arbitrary name/tag pairs on individual CVs. Thoughts?)

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The tags are going to be necessarily a bit loose. Despite whichever is more "accurate" I would recommend going with whichever form is popular on SO as it reflects what can survive, tagging-wise, in the wild.

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Why 'necessarily a bit loose'? Why couldn't I write, say, [algorithms:algorithm] and get a CV that plays in both worlds? It would be just like link aliasing in a wiki. People might also prefer to get away from the SO tag syntax altogether by writing [Visual Studio:visual-studio] for example. That would be useful even if the tags never do turn into live links. Counterargument: I guess this makes most sense when thinking about employers who are not searching via SO itself. If an employer knows to search for 'algorithm' then they might be confused to get a resume with 'Algorithms'. – user4540 Nov 14 '09 at 3:26

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