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Why am I getting "script not responding" warning for script when viewing this question with Firefox 3.5.5

Edit 1: I flushed the cache. Still getting the same warning.

Edit 2: Running Firefox in safe mode does fix the problem.

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Have you flushed your cache? – random Nov 9 '09 at 8:34
Ctrl+F5 is your friend! – Ladybug Killer Nov 9 '09 at 8:36
Run FireFox in Safe Mode. Does that help? – Ladybug Killer Nov 9 '09 at 8:50
Unable to replicate on Opera. Then again, the called JS file is without the trailing colon (:1) on it. – random Nov 9 '09 at 8:51
When Safe Mode works, the culprit is one of your add-ons. Are you using Firebug? – Ladybug Killer Nov 9 '09 at 9:46

That trailing colon is very bizarre and doesn't appear in our source code.

At any rate, if safe mode fixes it, one of the add-ins is at fault.

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Looks like what's needed here puts on sunglasses is a flushed colon. – random Nov 10 '09 at 0:21

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