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When mousing over the title of a question to get a tooltip summary of the content, any line breaks, code formatting, etc. is lost and the lines just run together. The formatting for the example question is as follows:

When I compile this program I only get the first capital letter but not the rest example:

Input: ABldjfdslkjfCK

I only get A that is it?

Can someone please help me with this problem. Thanks a lot.

Followed by some example code.

Perhaps this is a browser issue, I don't know. I'm on firefox 3.5.4 and ubuntu 9.10.

Example Question

alt text

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Same solution I am looking for too. :-( stackoverflow.com/questions/3320081/… – San Jul 24 '10 at 8:34

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In the tiny bit of web development I have done, I seem to remember that Firefox does not support line breaks in title text while IE does. As a test, I checked the tooltip for the haiku-ified question "Comments less than 15 chars" and it shows up properly for me in IE7.

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