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One identical question was listed three times on the flags page:

alt text

It probably should be on one line, not sure if it has 1 or 3 flags.

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One flag for one post. So you see the correct three since they have all been flagged.

  • One is for the question.
  • One is for a comment/edit as answer to their own question.
  • One is for the other comment/edit as answer to, again, their own question.
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Thanks, makes sense now :) – Andomar Nov 11 '09 at 11:18
Themself? I mean themself! Themself? Words cannot convey my despair that this has become acceptable. Can you at least avoid the construct by saying something like: "Another for the first answer the OP posted for that question"? – Sinan Ünür Nov 11 '09 at 11:58
+1 @Sinan Because language need not be butchered by programmers. – random Nov 11 '09 at 12:07
Perhaps there should be something on each row that says what exactly is being flagged (the question, an answer, or a comment). – Ether Nov 11 '09 at 19:49
Clicking the link/title takes you directly to the flagged item. – random Nov 11 '09 at 22:42

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