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I wanted to ask a question about filtering search results to truly unanswered questions, so I did a search for:

"zero answers"

This got 4 hits on the "relevance" page, none of which was all that relevant, so I clicked over to the "Ask Question" page and entered this text:

"Mopping up" - query to limit questions to those with zero answers

The "related questions" list immediately popped up, with the first item being see only questions with zero answers?. Shouldn't that have been the first thing to appear on the "relevance" tab?

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Well, you're kind of .. doing it wrong.

Try searching for this (put it in quotes)

Or, use the new intitle:1 search operator (since that's what the ask page does).

Note that "answers" as a search term will be auto-mapped to a tag search since [answers] is a top 20 tag here on meta-so.

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Where is the intitle:1 search operator documented? – Ex Umbris Jan 6 '10 at 2:34

Status by design, which is to say that SO search could use some improvement. Try google with site:stackoverflow.

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