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I'd like to link to my sites from careers and have them linked with the Google Social Graph api, for this I'd need to somehow add the rel='me' attribute on links.

Could we have some way to specify on a link if the site is yours in markdown?

Edit: Any official response on this? I think it would be a nice feature

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I made the single public cv URL field/link a rel="nofollow me" for now -- the same way SO does it.

(note that SO does un-nofollow your profile URL link at 2k rep.)

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While you're at it, putting an hcard up somewhere in there would seem like a natural step.

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I believe that Jeff is making the resume page follow hresume an hcard is a logical thing to put there and/or on your SO profile page. – Thomas Owens Nov 19 '09 at 13:43

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