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Possible Duplicate:
Any way to manage and keep track of answers and questions?

I want to make some questions my favorite and refer them later

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marked as duplicate by random, Jon B, Greg Hewgill, Ladybug Killer, John Rudy Nov 14 '09 at 21:43

This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question.

Voted to close as dupe, even though this question has better freehand circles. – user27414 Nov 14 '09 at 2:10
Jon B, are there any problems with my freehand circles? Cretin! – Ladybug Killer Nov 14 '09 at 12:38

You just click the star underneath the vote count / vote arrows in the question.

Mark As Favorite

If that star is colored yellow for you then that question has been marked as a favorite. Click it again to unmark it. The number underneath indicates how many people have marked it as a favorite

Mark As Favorite

To review your list of favorites click the Favorites tab when viewing your user profile.

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+1 for freehand circles and text. – Super Long Names are Hilarious Nov 14 '09 at 1:10
+1 for the arrows as well – o.k.w Nov 14 '09 at 9:06