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Seems like the number of expert-answering community websites is flourishing. I just noticed the existance of chiphacker. Everything very interesting around here. Thus my question is:

  • what about something on Robotics?

Rationale: I'm currently working on a robotics project myself (the iCub), which involves lots of coding (either embedded and c/c++; so something that should be discussed on stackoverflow), hardware issues (chiphacker), system issues (a-la serverfault), so on and so forth and some added spices such as svn problems, versioning (, wiki, naming issues, etc.

Plus, the robotics community usually gets lost around re-inventing the wheel (in terms of algorithms, frameworks, etc). You have no idea how much code is lost and re-coded, and the poor comments are just lost in the midst.

Furthermore, I think it would be cool to take the robotics folks out of academia and into the real world. Just a bit, you know, so that we can be ready for when the bots will take over and rule the world :)

If the idea is accepted we need a name..

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Bit late, but I stumbled on this question looking for a SO for robotics.

Just wanted to add, there seems to be one here at and it appears to be active.

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found one here

also somebody asked my same question a few seconds later. Must be the trend.

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Good find! Crazy horrible colour scheme though. – Dominic Rodger Nov 17 '09 at 10:04
That other question - has been around for a while (4 months), it was just updated today. – random Nov 17 '09 at 10:27
Unfortunately, as of May 2011, the does not seem to exist anymore – mgfernan May 6 '11 at 6:57

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