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When searching on Stack Overflow using the "answers:N" syntax, there appears to be a bug.
When you search for answers:1, it returns ~360200 results.
When searching for answers:2 it returns ~270300 results.
However, searching for answers:0 returns ~18700 results.

Since the wording states that it will return questions with "N or more answers" the search for 0 should return more than searches for 1, not significantly less.

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That's a feature, not a bug. – random Nov 17 '09 at 22:09
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I don't know if "answers:0" is specifically special-cased or not, but it has traditionally been used to return unanswered questions. In other words, 0 really returns questions with 0 answers.

Any other number behaves as n-or-more. 0 behaves as 0, and that aspect is by design. (Many of us want a way to find unanswered questions.)

However, I do think that the help regarding that should definitely be updated to reflect that fact.

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