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Possible Duplicate:
back arrow to recent activity


  1. Click your username
  2. On the "stats" tab, click on "recent"
  3. Click any question
  4. Press "Back" in browser.


You're back to the list of questions sorted by "votes"


You're back exactly where you were.

(It is also currently impossible to bookmark the "my questions by recency" page.)

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what browser do you see this in? – warren Nov 19 '09 at 16:35

First up, changing the sort order does not really count as navigation, and why should it? You are getting the exact same information, but just in a different order. The data being sorted with JS is the ideal solution.

To fix the broken navigation, I would suggest the use of #anchors to indicate the current sort method. /users/131346/joshhunt would give me my/the default sort method, but when you click on votes, the URL changes to /users/131346/joshhunt#sort-by-votes in order to make the back buttons work. The anchor name could be as verbose as needed because anchors are never sent to the server as a part of the URL.

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Yeah, that seems to be the most common way to fix this. I take your point about how it's not exactly "navigation" when you change the sort order. – romkyns Nov 19 '09 at 15:57

Turning JS off leads me to this page:

Ain't pretty (and you'll need to put your own userID in), but it works. Ajax in general is much nicer than proper links for things like sorting - shouldn't have to reload everything to sort one item!

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I got to that page too by copying link location and just going to it. It's not pretty indeed. Re "nicer" - that's subjective :) I think it's nicer when "back" and bookmarks work. AJAX doesn't have to break them though. – romkyns Nov 19 '09 at 15:56

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