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I'm just wondering, as from listening to the podcast over the past few months, I kept thinking, who does he sound like ?

Do you agree, or is it just me.....

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Have you ever heard Tarantino speak? – random Nov 20 '09 at 10:49
Am already glad he doesn't sound like Daffy Duck... ;-) – Wim ten Brink Nov 20 '09 at 10:51
ok, so just me then..... – Nick Haslam Nov 20 '09 at 11:15
No, but he like really does use a lot of really meaningless adverbs, and feels when he should think or conclude. – tomjedrz Nov 20 '09 at 18:31
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What's Tarantino been busy on since SO launched = nothing
What was Jeff busy with before last year = nothing (except a few blog posts)
Can Tarantino program 'C' = No
Can Jeff program 'C' = No
Have they ever been seen in the same room = No

Gentlemen we have a conspiracy.

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Quentin Tarantino vs Jeff Atwood

I'd say no.

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Hmm...Sounds pretty close to me. Jeff even has the wavy arms. – Robert Harvey Nov 20 '09 at 18:37

God I hope not because Quentin Tarantino has an incredibly annoying voice.

Also, he's a terrible actor. OK director but beyond bad as an actor.

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I recommend you mark as "STATUS-DECLINED" – Adam Davis Nov 20 '09 at 18:32
I think my own voice sounds pretty good, until I hear it from a recording. Eeek. – Robert Harvey Nov 20 '09 at 18:41
@Robert: I hear the same thing when people talk about their code until someone else reviews it. – Troggy Nov 20 '09 at 18:45
Not to mention his enormous ego. – Ether Nov 20 '09 at 18:48

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