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The best I found is this page. But it seems to be python oriented. Do you know any other page where I could ask ML questions ?

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Sure. Cross Validated welcome any questions regarding machine learning and statistical data analysis. See our FAQ page for what we define as on-topic questions there.

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Yes, there is.

Though not a fully-fledged site yet... There is a proposed site in area51 here: machine-learning

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Update: The proposal was killed 15 days into the beta :(. See here – seebiscuit Dec 25 '13 at 0:05
@Seabiscuit Darn... too bad there weren't enough users to keep it going. Oh well – TrinitronX Dec 26 '13 at 18:06

Recently started Computer Science accepts machine-learning questions.

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What's wrong with asking them on SO? It's a programming topic. I can't promise that a hoard of experts will descend and answer your questions, but you might get lucky.

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As bmargulies suggests, this topic doesn't strike me as out of place for StackOverflow.

For a more ML-specific site, you could try asking on -- or check the list of stackexchange sites.

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