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I was working with a question that was a part of the FAQ, and it wouldn't let me submit the changes because it "must include one of these tags – [bug] [feature-request] [discussion] [support]".

Do all future edits to FAQs also require one of those tags? This means that you are effectively limited to three tags specific to the question's content, and might have to remove a good tag in order to make room for [support] or [discussion]. Doesn't FAQ already imply [support]?

Can questions already tagged as [faq] (a locked, moderator-only tag) be exempt from required tags?

Though I of course don't know the backend implementation, if [faq] was added to the list of required tags (and the missing-required-tag error message cleaned up so that non-moderators weren't prompted to use it) while still being a locked tag, then any 2k user editing an FAQ would "meet" the required-tag requirement, without allowing non-moderators to add or remove [faq].

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+1 - Same problem here. I have been obliged to take out a good tag and put a silly one in order to comply with the rule. – user138932 Dec 4 '09 at 20:20
As I've flirted with FAQ additions and editing, this has been a nuisance and just another barrier to improvement. There are several areas of the FAQ that could be better organized and updated. – Gnome Mar 24 '10 at 17:36

Just make them either discussion or support, which is usually what a FAQ is.

E.g. How can I vote someone's answer up? support
Can we please see the number of up / down votes? discussion

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IMHO, anything tagged with the "offical"/locked faq already implies [support]. – Gnome Mar 24 '10 at 17:38

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