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After reading the Google Offers Named OpenIDs blog post, I went about creating alternate google openids for my account (myopenid) for each site (SO, MSO, SF) but while attempting to add the Google OpenID for Super User, I mistakenly created an entirely new account with a reputation of 1. Now I'm not able to associate my Google OpenID with my real account as the other account exists. How do I get rid of the account I mistakenly created, so that I can associate my Google OpenID with my primary account?

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I would say that you'll probably have to get a moderator or site admin to do it for you. should get to them.

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That worked, thanks. – Ryan Shripat Aug 24 '10 at 16:12

I mistakenly created a new account while trying to add a StackExchange OpenID login.

I found that if I logged into the newly created account and deleted it I could then log back into my old account and add the new OpenID login under "my logins".

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