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Today, I noticed that some question pages were served from cache and the vote counts and my reputation displayed on the top bar were not up to date. Of course, I was logged in. I don't think I had experienced this behavior before. This is a little irritating. Anyone else noticed? Is there anything changed on StackOverflow or my ISP is caching aggressively to save their bandwidth or it's an issue with Google Chrome?

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I don't think it's just you - see… – Gavin Miller Nov 26 '09 at 21:14
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Sorry, this was a dumb error in our settings. Fixed many hours ago.

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Yerp, I'm also getting this on Google Chrome, my isp is in aussie and they do not cache too aggressively. Its probably an issue with haproxy or something.

When I go back to SO main site after a few hour of inactivity, it looks like I'm not logged in, a prompt reload of the page fixes stuff up.

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