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Lost reputation after answering my own question with bounty

I asked a question, 7 days ago - no answers - so I assume no one knew how. So I added a bounty to encourage answers -still none. I then, after days of research I found how to do it and answered my own question.

But here is the killer - the 50 reputation I put up for bounty I've now lost lost, despite no one else answering, and despite me actually having the answer. It seems wrong that I would be "punished" by solving my own problem when no one else could!

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The bounty would not have been returned, whether you answered your own question or not.

All bounties are non-refundable.

Without that simple rule, bounties can be easily exploited:

  1. Have your question highlighted on the featured page by offering a bounty.
  2. Receive excellent answers from people who invest the extra time/effort.
  3. Issue your own answer simply to get a "refund" on the bounty, denying others of their hard work.
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FYI, there is no bounty award when you accept your own answer. The bounty owner gives up 100% of the rep bounty in all circumstances. – Jeff Atwood Nov 30 '09 at 3:19

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