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If I do


like in this question then I get the underscores replaced with italics (at least in the preview), and I have to escape it with backslashes. I can see the logic for ordinary text, but for code? Is it because there's no other way do it?

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Indent 4 spaces!

You can also click the little code button above the editor, or press CTRL+K with the code selected to do the same.


Which is linked from

  • the little [?] icon above the editor
  • the full reference » link in the sidebar when asking or editing

EDIT: I realized I didn't fully answer your question. For tiny code snippets you can use backtick to escape things to code like_this_here:


Anyway, we disable intra-word emphasis in Markdown, so what you're seeing in the preview is not in fact true in the final post.

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It looks like one user has figured out how to disable intra-word emphasis in markdown: Any chance you'll use that code? It seems to be the most common preview vs. rendered bug to come up here on MSO. – Kip Nov 30 '09 at 17:46

Part of your problem is that Javascript markdown preview doesn't match the rendered result. For example intra_word_characters don't actually need to be escaped, even though the markdown preview implies that they do.

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