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Ok I admit I'm being greedy. OpenID is working fine for me via WordPress. (For the record, I did read other questions and answers about login and OpenID, but didn't find the answer.)

But could the process contain fewer steps (either by my doing something differently, or by a change to SO)?

From memory, I think this is what I do now:

  1. click login
  2. click WordPress icon
  3. type my WordPress username
  4. click OK
  5. It takes me to WordPress with a very long URL and tells me to log in to WordPress
  6. I highlight the part of the URL that's extra, replace it with the word "login"
  7. It doesn't delete the part I tried to delete, so I highlight and delete all from "login" to end of line in the URL
  8. I press Enter
  9. I log in to WordPress
  10. It tells me I can click to go back to SO
  11. I click and I'm in

Is there a faster way?

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Don't log out in the first place. – random Dec 1 '09 at 3:58
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I think this "process" is specific to wordpress. I recommend trying Google, Yahoo, or MyOpenID as secondary providers.

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Since my blog is on WordPress, I guess I'll have to try to push them to improve theirs. Meanwhile, back to Google which always has all the answers ... – Tom Harris Dec 1 '09 at 18:41

Try adding a second openid from another provider. Using your google profile, for example, isn't as convoluted as the process you describe.

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