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There is the stats feature for single tags. But have you ever thought of giving away data about the overall development of tags? Like, how many questions tagged "foo" were asked in a certain interval, and a timeline of the most important or most differing (in time) tags?

I think it could be quite interesting. Although the evidence of how en vogue something is is not given by such a graph, it would nevertheless give an impartial position on some personal thoughts (like, 'Oh dear, I could swear there were no FORTRAN questions in the last two months... And those I like best.').

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First Word:


Additional Word:


Long Answer: Feel free to access any of the above listed data dumps to generate the data required for such an analysis

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Cool. That quite answered my question (except for graphical evaluation). Thanks! – Boldewyn Dec 1 '09 at 21:29

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