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The <code> tag works really great: test < less than > but markup still works

< and > don't get parsed out as tags.

The <pre> tag operates different:

test  but markup still works

Here the < less than > got gobbled up somehow inside the <pre> tag.

I know you can use 4 spaces but I find it irritating.

Anyway, it'd be great if the <pre> tag could act more like the <code> tag wrt < and >

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Indent by 4 spaces.

The only reason to use <pre> is if you want to avoid syntax highlighting -- and that plus <> in the content is rare enough that this is low-pri.

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But I love pre!! And I'm not a 4 space indenter.. – bobobobo Dec 7 '09 at 20:27
@Jeff: if you copy a long piece of code <pre><code> is so much better that indenting every line by 4 characters – Francesco Montesano Apr 22 at 9:25

I don't get this. If you want to use HTML, then use HTML - HTML requires escaping certain "special" characters.

If you want to use Markdown, then use Markdown...

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