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I can comment on my own answers and questions, but not others.

Screenshot - can comment

Is there some reputation rule that I'm not aware of, or is this a bug?

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You can always comment on your own questions and answers, but you need at least 50 rep to comment on other peoples' posts:

Amass enough reputation points and Stack Overflow will allow you to go beyond simply asking and answering questions:

50 Leave comments†

† you can always comment on your questions and answers, and any answers to questions you've asked, even with 1 rep.

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Thanks! I guess I never really ran into this issue on SO, since my rep was above 50 before I ever really used comments. – dlo Dec 9 '09 at 0:11

As kyle noted, you need 50 rep to do so... Check out the FAQ for StackOverflow to see the other reputation restrictions, etc.


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