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The JSON version of flair currently offers these fields:

  • id: The user's ID
  • gravatarHtml: HTML of an IMG tag to display the Gravatar
  • profileUrl: The URL to the user's public profile
  • displayName: The user's display name
  • reputation: The user's rep, with commas separating thousands
  • badgeHtml: HTML to render the entire flair

This is insufficient for a user to build flair to their own liking without doing some html scraping. I'd like the following JSON attributes to be added:

  • gravatarURL: The URL of the Gravatar image, without the size parameters. Or possibly just a gravatarHash field. (Currently, you could get this by scraping the gravatarHtml field, but that's not ideal.)
  • goldBadges: The number of gold badges earned
  • silverBadges: The number of silver badges earned
  • bronzeBadges: The number of bronze badges earned

Also, I'd like reputation to be given as a pure integer. Maybe a user wants to show off their badge on a German site, where "." is used as the thousands separator. Or maybe they would prefer to show their rep in hex. (Yes, I know I could strip the comma from the reputation field, but I'd prefer it if the comma didn't come there to begin with.)

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I was working today on an image based flair for use in forums:

For Light backgrounds

StackOverflow      ServerFault      SuperUser

For Dark backgrounds

StackOverflow      ServerFault      SuperUser

I had to do some HTML scraping on gravatarHtml and badgeHtml in order to get badges and gravatar URL, and I didn't bother changing the number format.

The JSON flair format should give us access to the data, not force its implementers to use the flair HTML and number formatting. I agree with the original poster that flair.json should have the following modifications:

  • Addition of goldBadges, silverBadges, bronzeBadges or even better, implement it as:

    'badges': {'bronze': 1, 'silver': 2, 'gold': 3}

  • Pure integer value for reputation and badge values

  • gravatarURL without the s parameter to the url

Note: You can download the source.

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good ideas, thanks – Kip Jul 24 '09 at 13:14

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