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I just deleted an answer I wrote because it turned out I misunderstood what the OP was trying to ask. Afterwards, I moused over the "undelete" link for no particular reason and noticed that its tooltip remained "vote to remove this post." When I closed the tab and reloaded the question, the tooltip changed to the correct one, "vote to restore this post."

I know, it's really minor, but I figured there's no harm in reporting it.

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What about the emotional harm to me, in having to read this? :)

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How many times a week do you toy with the idea of adding a status-don't-care tag? – Robert Cartaino Dec 11 '09 at 2:11
If I may paraphrase a wise man: if this post does you emotional harm, "then I humbly suggest you're overthinking this." – Pops Dec 11 '09 at 5:32

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