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How do I post a screenshot on Stack Overflow?

Alas, I have found my posts in need of visual accompaniment and yet, I find not the mechanism to attach such images herein.

How, fine people of the support to Stack Overflow, does one attach a .png or .jpg file to their post?

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On Windows, you can install Cropper, and there are plugins to "Send to TinyPic" or "Send to ImgUrl" . The way these plugins work, you take a snapshot of the screen or the current window, and it is auto-magically uploaded. The clipboard is populated with the short URL for the direct image.

At that point, in your SO post, you need only Ctrl+G, and then Ctrl-V, and you have an image in your post.

Very fast, very simple.

alt text

There is also a "Send to Paint.NET" plugin for Cropper if you want to doctor up the image before posting it.

Cropper and the cropper plugins are separate downloads, but both free.

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  1. Upload your image to a free file server, such as picasaweb.
  2. Click ctrl+G, enter in the image of the url
  3. You are done.
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