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Note: This was going to be a simple tag merge request, but it grew while I was researching it.

On Stack Overflow, has 24 questions, 20, and 12. This seems unnecessary.

The reason I bring it up on Meta is that I'm not sure which should be the canonical tag. seems more logical, but might be the way it appears in code.

And how should this tag be used with the [1549], [360], [56], [41], [12], and [514] tags? And what about [509]? I was going to ask a question about JavaScript event handlers, which is how I got mixed up in this in the first place. What tags would I use?

Note that I don't think that the handl* tags should be merged with event* tags, since there are other kinds of handlers (error-handlers come to mind).

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Wow, what a mess! Touching these before the black list is enabled is a waste of time. The tags will be added again.

I vote for event-handlers. We normally use the plural form, don't we?

The questions tagged both hand* and event should be retagged to event-handlers then.

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Are you suggesting that the [javascript-]event[s] tags be merged with the [event[-]]handler[s|ing] tags? They're not quite the same thing... – Shog9 Dec 15 '09 at 18:37
The tag blacklist, like the global rep recalc, is a myth. – Ether Dec 15 '09 at 19:54
@Shog: Nope, I have no opinion regarding to the javascript-events. I do not know enough about javascript, so I really don't care. – Ladybug Killer Dec 15 '09 at 20:30

I'd like to see javascript-events merged with events and event.

No idea what to do about *handl*... But there are few enough questions that you could conceivably examine each one individually.

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I was about to write a similar question, when I found this one and [eventhandler] vs [event-handler] vs event-handlers.

Currently, there is event-handling (859), event-handler (30) and event-handlers (19). I would propose all three be moved into the first.

Also, I would suggest dom-events (4) be merged into javascript-events (1197), even though one may argue dom-events is more correct for some questions.

Lastly, these all seem like candidate for tag synonyms to avoid future splits.

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