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Often in StackOverflow, you find a C# or Java question that is not specifically asking for multi-threaded code, but many answers and comments focus on providing a thread safe solution. Should this be encouraged? Should I be writing sigle or multi threaded code in answers by default?

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If the likes of Donald Knuth have problems with Multi-threaded code; then chances are good your average Stack Overflow user will. Just sayin'. – George Stocker Dec 15 '09 at 20:26
Just curious, how is this blatantly offensive? I'll be happy to delete if someone will fill me in. – C. Ross Dec 15 '09 at 20:33
ah, the joys of multi-threading.... – Troggy Dec 15 '09 at 20:48

Hell. No.

Imagine the scenario: Fairly new to the language user wants a bit of help doing something. They either find a question here, or ask their own. They find some crazy-threaded example, when they're still not really sure what threads are! SO is for everybody, not just the elite. How do I do X (with multithreading) is a totally legitimate, but entirely seperate question.

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I write single threaded code by default, both when programming and when answering questions. It's basic adherence to the YAGNI, and it makes things less confusing for beginners.

I don't mind getting multi-threaded answers myself, it's sort of a value added thing.

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