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I did not get a 'Nice Answer' for this post, is it disabled on meta, is it a bug, or is there something else I'm missing?

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It's disabled for answers with less than 10 uptokes. – random Dec 19 '09 at 13:23
NICE ANSWER!! There :D – bobobobo Dec 19 '09 at 16:33

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If you already have a Nice Answer for a question that has been downvoted or deleted and doesn't fit the criteria of Nice Answer anymore, you won't get a new one.

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I didn't get downvotes once I passed 10 votes – juanformoso Dec 20 '09 at 0:24

Because it wasn't good?...

...I think you did - You have 3x Nice answers and looking at your profile, you have 3 answers with over 10 up votes.

Just remember to wait patiently.

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oh... so perhaps the notification is broken then – juanformoso Dec 19 '09 at 18:48

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