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How after you ask your first question on SF/SU/meta you get a bronze badge on Stackoverflow as well (and vice-versa)? This would bring the sites closer together, encourage people to associate their accounts, and just be plain fun. I agree that reputation should definitely be separate across all site, but a little badges thrown in for fun would be cool.

Something like "Supporter" badge on SO for asking your first question on meta (although that badge name is already taken, so we'll have to think of something else..), or a "all-around-geek" badge for having asked a question on all of the sites? (help me with the badge level and names) :D

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You already get a 100 point rep bonus for associating your accounts - assuming you have enough rep (200?) on at least one of the linked accounts. – ChrisF Dec 19 '09 at 20:07

I don't think this is needed because there are already so many badges given to beginners. You get one for 10 comments, first downvote, first up vote, etc. You can get all of those in a very short time on the site. I don't think one more is going to add much to the sites.

Also, instead of making a new request, just add it to the master badge request list compiled here: Additional Badge Ideas

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