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Is it okay to ask a question on StackOverflow that looks for information on research publications (in the field of software of course)? These may not necessarily a programming question, but they do relate to software. For instance, would the following questions:
Research on the quantity of reported vs. unreported bugs in open-source software?
Publications on the effectiveness of pair programming?
Has there been surveys of the mental models held by novice programmers? suitable?

I believe these should be allowed as they not only provide a mechanism to complement the likes of Google Scholar or the ACM digital library, but they would also give an idea of the reputation of the research. And while they may not be related to the act of programming, they could definitely be related to the field of programming.

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I'd vote "yes" - so long as they're not trying to steal content.

But as long as they're trying to find legit sources, or learn how to find said sources, I think it's great.

It has the benefit of being a launching point for others interested, too

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Absolutely! This doesn't have to be purely academic either, as the expamples you mentioned would be useful in justifying software development practices to managers.

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I'd say yes if you are upfront about your intent.

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Put me in the "yes" column as long as the research is somehow defensibly useful to developers. I wouldn't be interested in seeing a bunch of research questions showing up that are related to programming but really represent content more useful to non-developer communities.

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