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Reposted from this answer

The following markdown breaks:

![`<b>`Testing something](

It renders..

<b>Testing something" title="" />

For example:

<code><b></code>Testing something

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It's weird because per the babemark test of this example:

This shouldn't be happening in 1.0.1 or 1.0.2b8. It's got to be something we're doing, somehow...

Edit: ah, I see. The sanitizer is rejecting this.

Markdown input

![`<b>`Testing something](

Markdown output

<p><img src=""
        alt="<code>&lt;b&gt;</code>Testing something" /></p>

Thus, it's not a Markdown issue, per se.. I'm not sure we really want to allow html tags of any sort inside the alt tag. So I am closing this as [status-bydesign].

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Given Jeff's explanation, it would make sense that the following Markdown would work:

![&lt;b&gt;Testing something](

...and it does. ;-)

<b>Testing something

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