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I'm cross posting this:

I just did a google search for "press the Alt button", unexpectedly it is missing the hit from page 5 of one of the most popular questions.

Is this canonical link feature playing nicely with paging?

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Does anything play nicely with paging? Do questions with more than 1 page of answers play nicely with... anything? – Shog9 Dec 29 '09 at 4:01
The amount of hoops a site that supports rich filtering and sorting needs to jump through to keep search engines happy is enough to make me a real sad panda. I just made my response permalinks route to a different area all together just so I could include it in the robots.txt file – waffles Dec 29 '09 at 4:06
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It's unlikely Google will index pagination of the form

because of this in our robots.txt:

Disallow: /*?
# above line, refer to

relevant section of page, quoted:

To block access to all URLs that include a question mark (?) (more specifically, any URL that begins with your domain name, followed by any string, followed by a question mark, followed by any string):

User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /*?
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Fair enough, is this good? bad? on one hand the you have content that is not indexable that is valid. on the other, the fix is mega hairy. – waffles Dec 29 '09 at 4:08
note: globbing is not really in the robots.txt spec proper. some robots will not support it. – waffles Dec 29 '09 at 4:09
"answers" that are not on page 1 (that is, within the top 30 responses) are rarely useful. So no, I don't really have a problem with answers 31-500 not being indexed by Google. – Jeff Atwood Dec 29 '09 at 8:12

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