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I logged onto serverfault and got a popular question badge - too bad I have no questions with 1000 views.

Is something wrong with the Popular Question badge on ServerFault, or was there a problem on Dec 24? Maybe this was from Santa? :)

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Are you sure? http://serverfault.com/questions/10964/supporting-1680-x-1050-resolution-under-microsoft-virtual-pc-2007 has had over 1000 views (1009 currently). You may have overlooked it in your question list as it is listed as "1 kviews", not "1000 views".

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Oops. That 1k fooled me, and instead of looking like a nice guy for reporting something, I look the fool. :( – Kevin Hakanson Dec 29 '09 at 15:52
It's okay, every Christmas needs at least one fool :) – Ether Dec 29 '09 at 18:18

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