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Is an edit of tags supposed to turn up in a user's activity list?

If not, what is the reason?

An example is Sridhar Ratnakumar's retagging of this question.

Update 1: there might be a problem with that particular question. It is not a general problem; see Kip's answer.

Update 2: the accepted answer was changed after the retagging. Could that have something to do with it?

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It should show 'revised' – Brian Dec 29 '09 at 16:42
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Edit: You're right, the retag on this question does not show up, the retag I circled on the screenshot below is a different retag. As far as I know this should be showing up, so I think this is a bug. (Especially since another question's retag does show up.)

Your question makes it sound like the retag doesn't show up, and you want to know if this is a bug or if there is a reason.

But it does show up:

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That's a mighty neatly-done hand-drawn circle, there. – John Rudy Dec 29 '09 at 16:30
No, that is a different question. is "Python: how to install SciPy on 64 bit Windows?" – Peter Mortensen Dec 29 '09 at 16:33
@Peter Mortensen: sorry, i realized that after i posted this. my answer has been updated. – Kip Dec 29 '09 at 16:36
But you are correct that for the retagging turns up in the activity list. Perhaps it is a problem with one particular question? – Peter Mortensen Dec 29 '09 at 16:37

Somewhere along the way when we've re-written the activity page one two three times, this was fixed. See, it's in his history now!

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