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I was looking at the Unoffical API documentation for Stack Overflow on Meta Stack Overflow and I couldn't find a search API. I was working on a code search like utility and would like to utilize results from Stack Overflow and link the results back to Stack Overflow. I can use the OpenSearch API on this URL -{searchTerms} and get to Stack Overflow, but I was wondering: is there an API where I can get XML results and I can link the results back to Stack Overflow?

I know the data for Stack Overflow is available under Creative Commons, but parsing, indexing, keeping it up to date seems sort of an overkill. A JSON/XML based API would be great.

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Come to think of it, it even falls under the CC licensing terms. – Ritesh M Nayak Dec 31 '09 at 6:01

Couldn't you also just use the tags query? It will likely give you more relevant results:{tagname} (multiple tags can be separated by spaces)

Bing (like Google) is also a possibility using the Bing API 2 for the more general text searches. You can get JSON, XML, and SOAP for easier processing. RSS can also be used as a format.

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You could use Google. It already exists, frequently gives better results than the SO search, is quite up-to-date, and can handle the load.

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