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I was looking to find questions related specifically to JavaScript's canvas. I noticed that one single question had been tagged javascript-canvas while the others had separate (javascript canvas) or (java canvas) tags.

Since I can now re-tag questions I eliminated the outlier. But then I noticed javascript-events, javascript-functions, javascript-editor, etc.

Offhand I would say that "Related Tags" seems to be the right way to tackle this. For instance, there are 442 tags for "javascript-events" but if it were just "events" it would still show up in the list you get after clicking javascript.

Admittedly javascript-functions would not show up, but who's to say it is more deserving of a special tag than javascript-jquery or javascript-google-maps?

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Is this a question? – John Gietzen Jan 7 '10 at 1:15
Meta isn't just for questions but discussions as well as the discussion tag would show. – MrStatic Jan 7 '10 at 2:30
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I don't think there are a lot of cases where the technology-feature style is more appropriate than the technology feature style. Keeping the tags separate will make searching and favoriting easier and more effective. Hyphenated tags are really meant for use in place of spaces, like visual-studio.

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Each tag for your question should stand by itself. So visual and studio are bad tags because one doesn't make sense without the other. javascript and canvas are both independent as well. However, sometimes you also need to clarify a tag. For example, several different programming environments provide a canvas; which one are you talking about? In this case, searching for javascript and canvas should cover you, but there are cases where that doesn't hold.

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