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Just tried to post an answer to a question on stack overflow and found it a bit more difficult than it should be.

First of all I included 2 links for the user to reference. Both links were part of Both completely relevant to the post. I could only post one which was very annoying.

I edited out a link, then resubmitted my answer. I then get a robot screen asking me to fill out a captcha.

While I understand how spam is a problem. Wouldn't it be simpler and less hassle for the user if someone trying to post more than one link got a captcha?

This way the answer could contain relevant reference links + the answer can be submitted without being stopped twice.

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Don't link to w3schools. It's a bad site. Use MDN instead. – ThiefMaster Oct 6 '11 at 8:56

This is only until you get a bit more rep, after that you can add as many links as you want. The Captcha and spam detection might be a bit too enthusiastic at times, but they shouldn't be that bad. I'd rather fill in a Captcha every now and then, instead of having the site full of Viagra questions.

If a higher rep user sees your answer, maybe he'll edit it to properly hyperlink everything. Until you get your rep up, just add them as text, it's fine that way.

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You cannot post more links, because you do not have enough rep. The system uses rep to decide if it can trust a user or not. Even if you pass the Captcha, then that does not mean you're trustworthy.

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I've always thought that the Captcha is triggered by rapid editing, and it doesn't seem to happen if I take my time.

Of course, the incentive to post quick answers and edit them doesn't help me to slow down.

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