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I'd like to have a place to store a few common explanations that apply to many answers--like why DRY is good or why you shouldn't optimize.

These apply to a bunch of answers, but re-writing them is getting nearly as annoying as reading them all the time.

I guess I'm suggesting a "Philosophy" section in each user profile where they can type out a few lines related to a topic. You could browse it while looking at user profiles, or hyperlink directly to it from an answer.

It is possible to do this off-site through another web service or google docs, but that just doesn't seem quite right.

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I store mine in my profile. Look closely... – Shog9 Jan 14 '10 at 1:31

This doesn't strike me as a server-side feature. If you have frequently-entered text that you would like to store, manage, and paste into answers, there are many, many plug-ins and applications that can do that for you:

Clippings 3.1 for Firefox for example.

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We already have special content using the normal infrastructure. E.g. How Does Stack Overflow Work? (The Official FAQ).

We could have the same for common explanations that apply to many answers. Only a little bit of consensus among us is required.

There should probably be one for each site (Stack Overflow, Server Fault and Super User.)

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