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Possible Duplicate:
Long answers are truncated in SO

The text "link|edit|flag", "answered Jan 16 '09 at 20:42", "Kyle Cronin" and "community wiki" on his answer here is in a fixed-width typeface apparently due to a formatting leak similar to the one I reported earlier (which was fixed).

The answer in question consists of text, bulleted lists, a horizontal rule and some example code-formatted XML. It is probably the latter which is causing this behavior.

For some reason, the <table class="fw"> is wrapped in <code> tags.

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It's not wrapped in <code>, it's <pre><code> which aren't closed properly before their enclosing </div>, just before that table, apparently. – Gnome Jan 15 '10 at 13:18
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No, this is not a truncation issue -- I think this was a bug in the sanitizer that has since been fixed. That's why open/meaningless-edit/save fixes it.

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Added some whitespace to the end of that particular answer.
Fixed it because the answer was being truncated.

It's a bit of an issue with the unusually lengthy posts.

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