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In my answer to this question, I am using the code tag to outline two lines.

$temp = $t->course(); 
$courses[$t->CourseNumber] = $temp->CourseName;

the code looks fine in the preview, but in the final version, the second line is not rendered as code. Why? Is this valid behaviour?

Edit: I see now that this happens only when the line of code is the last element in the text, which makes it less dramatic. Still, is this a bug?

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I guess moving the example to the end helps making your point ;-) (I know, the linked answer at… shows what you mean, but that might be fixed by someone, some day?) – Arjan Jan 19 '10 at 16:32
True! But Jeff sneakily fixed the bug already, so the point is moot. :) – Pëkka Jan 20 '10 at 0:03
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I think you might have an unprintable character interfering with the layout (unicode or ASCII). When I type it in manually, it works fine.


Now I see -- this a bug in Normalize() where an empty (spaces, then newline) line at the end was not being removed. Unfortunately this routine was contributed code, so I rewrote it.

fixed in:

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