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When logged in and on the Accounts page (e.g. clicking your username in the top bar), the page shows your details including the OpenID string. Mine doesn't fit (or is presumably) underneath the "grey" area on the right. In case most are short, I'm just using a Google one so I would assume it isn't an edge case...

Naturally, I move my mouse over the top of it to see the value as a tooltip, etc., but none appears. Could such a feature be provided? The text is not fitting (and wrapping), and I guess it is a bug. But it doesn't have spaces, so no breaks, therefore not a bug?

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Hi Developers/SO Team,

You've now fixed this request...whether you did because of this, I don't know...but there are timestamps!

Google (

is much better (and neatly fits on the user page)! thanks!

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