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Let's say I want to reply to a comment made by Jeff Atwood.

Which of the following will notify him?

  • @Jeff Atwood: I agree with you (this one would be the "Canonical" form, the one that works for sure)
  • @Jeff I agree with you
  • @Jeff: I agree with you
  • @Jeff, I agree with you
  • Thanks Jeff, I agree
  • The 4 above, but with Atwoof instead of Jeff
  • Thanks Jeff Atwood, I agree

I'm asking because I prefer typing just @Jeff:, but if he won't get the notification I'll use @Jeff Atwood:.

EDIT: oh well, found the answer on the SO blog, probably should have looked earlier:

Not deleting the question in case other people were wondering the same thing.

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Any of the first 4. The code matches the @ then looks for the first match in the current set of comments. See the blog post - for more information - I see you found it as the same time I posted this! – ChrisF Jan 23 '10 at 16:52
Please see the FAQ:… – Ether Jan 23 '10 at 19:21
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@name works, even if the user name is name lastname

See here

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